Since the beginning of the harvest season so far, eight million tons of wheat in excess of the required 211 farmers purchased insurance for the amount of purchase, compared with 27 percent last year.

Public Relations Agriculture Organization in Yazd information database of the Ministry of Agriculture, while still remaining a few months to the end of the purchase of wheat farmers, buy about 150 thousand tons more than the total purchases so far this year has been 94 years.
According to the report, the value of the purchased wheat from farmers 10 thousand and 495 billion USD has so far amounted to five thousand and USD 577 billion has been paid to the farmers.
According to the report, has Khost province with one million and 396 thousand tons, 266 thousand tons and Fars Golestan with a million and 810 thousand tons of wheat from farmers have the highest rate ever.


Ministry of Agricalture jahad News